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Office Hours

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Monday: 11am - 8pm
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Friday: 7.30am - 2pm

Welcome to our Evanston Dental Care Team

'Happiness is a confident smile'

'Satisfaction is feeling your best'

Patient Review

"After doing my homework, I chose Dr. Chernoff's office because I could tell he has the patience and priorities to help me the most. The first impression of warmth when walking into his office has now, months later, been confirmed. He is up-to-date on all processes, hands-on, and advises proactive solutions to prevent future problems. His thoroughness and compassion prove that he is dedicated to health, quality, and understanding."

—Liane Sebastian, Evanston, on Dec. 19, 2013


The condition of your mouth impacts on the quality of your life, both in appearance and overall health. The success of your personal, professional, and social life reflects the health of your teeth in many ways. Routine dental check-ups ensure your overall well-being.

Count on us to keep abreast of new dental techniques, provide comprehensive evaluations and to continually improve care. As a further convenience to you, we have a network of specialists should the need arise.

Most importantly, open communication and sensitivity to your feelings, develops rapport for your dental health. Allow us to be your “bridge to comfort and confidence.”

Please call our office today for an appointment at 847-475-4080 or email us at chernoffdentist@gmail.com.