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Welcome to our Evanston Dental Care Team


Patient Review

"A superb dentist and practice in every way. After being with Dr. Chernoff's practice for several decades, I cannot imagine there could be a more professional, more skilled, kinder, more thoughtful practice anywhere."

— Mary Dilg

“To be healthy overall begins with your oral health. And by maintaining your teeth in a preventative manner, you ensure they are are always there when you need them.” —Dr. Arnold Chernoff

The condition of your mouth impacts on the quality of your life, both in appearance and overall health. The success of your personal, professional, and social life reflects the health of your teeth in many ways. Routine dental check-ups ensure your balanced well-being.

Count on us to keep abreast of new dental techniques, provide comprehensive evaluations, explain options, and to continually improve care.

Most importantly, open communication and our sensitivity to your concerns, helps to develop rapport. This enables you to most control your dental health. Allow us to be your “bridge to comfort and confidence.”

Please call our office today for an appointment at 847-475-4080 or email us at Also, please enjoy our ever-expanding blog articles, offering helpful oral helath hints.