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Welcome to our office!

We look forward to meeting you at your appointment!
As your dental health provider.....

  • We promise to do our best to be there when you need us.
  • We promise to listen to you and address your concerns with care.
  • We promise to help you define and work toward your dental health goals.
  • We promise to provide you with comprehensive dental care.
  • We promise to protect your identity. As such, we follow strict HIPPA guidelines to insure that your health information is safe and confidential.
  • We believe in developing patient relationships based on mutual respect and trust
  • We believe that your dental experience should be an educational one that leads to prevention. Many serious dental conditions can be avoided with regular check-ups and good home care.
  • We believe in state-of-the art dentistry, superior service and improving the quality of the lives of you and your family.
  • We thank you for placing trust in us. We appreciate the confidence you show us when you refer your family and friends.

"It's about your health. Healthy Teeth. Healthy Body."

Your comfort, both dental and financial, is important to us and we will make every effort to work with you toward that end. If at any time you have questions regarding treatment or service fees, feel free to discuss your concerns with us. We can be reached at (847)475-4080 or via email at chernoffdentist@gmail.com. We recognize the value of your time. Except in emergency situations, you can expect us to be on time for you. We would appreciate the same courtesy. It's our hope that we can give you plenty to smile about!

We look forward to seeing you at your appointment!

New patients may save time at their first appointment by filling out basic information, health history, and insurance forms prior to their first visit. Please click the above links to download and print these forms, fill them out, and bring them to your first appointment.

Please download Adobe Acrobat below to view/print forms: